Our people

Our time travelers around the world

On board, professionals from different fields and histories, through communication, management, marketing, philosophy and anthropology. An integral vision of our time that allows us to investigate the potentialities of the future, but also better understand the past to generate transformations in favor of its present moment.
Gustavo Nogueira
CEO and Founder
Victoria Haidamus
Experience Designer
Rodrigo Turra
Nexialist and Researcher
Morena Mariah
Afrofuturist Researcher
Victor Hugo Barreto
Anthropologist Researcher
Luana Couto
Creative Strategist
How is your connection
with time?
What about to  start to understand the zeitgeist in progress in order to change your individual path and cultural organisation?

Lets study open innovation solutions connecting you to change-makers and navigating together towards favourable directions.