Welcome, Traveler

November 29, 2019

You arrive here to learn. And so as you, everyone is here with the purpose to learn. To evolve.

This is a place we called Earth of the Universe. We built this place to live and learn here. Everyone has different lessons on their own journeys. Also, the body and mind you are now are part of this place we built. Ancestral technologies I should say. You live on it now. Take care of it. There are more travelers like you around. Some of them are still sleeping. Some of them are awakening now. You can always make contact with them and share the journey. You just need to ask first.

Sometime they will be available here and now, outside, and sometimes not.

Sometimes they will not be here. Accessing somewhere else through inside. Besides this learning journey, there are also many places to go to. Pasts and futures to be rememored and discovered. As infinite as this mind and body will struggle to understand or even believe. If you decide to go explore somewhere else, this place will feel like a virtual reality sometimes. It is. But we choose to be living in this here and now. So seek the wisdom inside but bring it all with you to your journey into the world. Our mission is to integrate as much as we can from here and there in the same living experience.

Understand, everyone lives a different stage of their journeys.

A different self-consciousness level. From the lowest ones and necessary ones as survival, relationship, and self-esteem, to start a transformation that brings internal cohesion, positive difference in the world, and service to humanity. However, some of us begin to show themselves because they learn something the others don’t know yet. They start to behave like peacocks. Some of them forgot to continue their journeys. There are no good and evil, just learnings. Don’t judge. Indeed, it is vital to enjoying the ride. As we all start to learn, our way becomes even pleasant, and everyone should enjoy it. Just remember to focus on and keep tracking that exists a big picture.

Families are mutual support networks. All kinds of families.

If you decide to have children, to support a friend, to establish a community or to start a movement, support and feel supported by your family. Maybe you all will be on the same level of consciousness during some moments of the journey, and this will be a fantastic way to act in synchronicity and push themselves even further. But sometimes some of you will be stuck and needing help to achieve their next step. There is a reason for all of you be connected. You complement each other. There is a rhythm of the collective evolution flowing amongst all of you. Feel and love everyone from your tribe.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

If you want to change your life, change what you pay attention to. Take care of all the living creatures. Honor then. They are all different manifestations of consciousness in their own journey. Instead of kill a spider, take a cup and a napkin, catch it, put it outside and allow it to walk away. If you are ever caught in the wrong place and the wrong time, just being alive and not bothering anyone, hope you are greeted with the same kind of mercy. The ones who masters their own evolution, seeks to selfless serve the ones in other stages.

From there where I speak, there is no doubt for any question. Just paths from an issue to answers that also bring new questions to be addressed. In case are you asking who am I, I am not your own voice. I am not your ego. I am the third eye/voice of yourself. Your high consciousness. And also I am I.

I am.

Like in a hologram or fractal, we all carry inside of each of us the essence of the whole and oneness. But, instead of wait to come back and be reintegrated as one, we are moving forward in order to bring this integration with what we were and what we can be, to our fractal realities here. We are fractals seeking our quantum entanglement from within to awake out.

If you need help, use this first learning as an anchor, traveler. Some sort of introduction tutorial. After that just go outside to explore. To navigate reality. To learn your lessons.


How is your connection
with time?
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