About Torus
Torus is an initiative that helps people and organizations to navigate change from how they connect with time and manifest themselves in the present reality around them.

In a world of constant and ever-changing transformations, we need to understand the lines that intersect and define the spirit of time around us, so that we do not lose the north nor the course of action. So far almost two years, I independently founded TORUS.

To understand the world, TORUS studies time. Change is our only constant. To be in connection with what exists and is full of life, among challenges and opportunities in the world, we study what is in transition, in process, in transformation. It is necessary to feel the world beyond what exists and to be open, now, to what the world becomes.

TORUS was designed to be a movement of an era yet to come. A guide between sociopolitical questions, philosophical questions, and answers that emerge from artistic, cultural and also technological expressions. That is why we understand the world from what it can become, not from what it is, and we translate the world as it happens.

Today we are a global community of people living in different places around the world. We believe it is possible to change the world by changing the way we relate to time. And we promote spaces in which this relationship can be rethought and re-signified. One of the projects we have invested a lot of dedication on, for example, is a learning experience called Zeitgeist Navigators, in which guidelines on challenges and opportunities for the 21st-century travelers are shared.

Another project is Sandglass, our continuous study program in which we host specialists weekly from the most diverse areas for a safe exchange space that feeds us. Also, we apply our studies as advisors on how to dialogue with the spirit of our time and potentialize the relationships that we are all building with the reality around us.

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